April 6, 2021

Donation towards the construction of an

Underground Railway Museum 

A number of months ago, the Windsor and District Labour Council received a request for a donation from Lana Talbot of the Sandwich First Baptist Church. This historic church was organized in 1820. The donation request was for a contribution towards the building of an Underground Railway Museum in Sandwich, the first museum of African heritage in the city of Windsor.
We were pleased to make a donation, but due to the limitations of Covid-19, we were only recently able to present a ceremonial cheque to Lana and some of the other members of her congregation involved in this project.As it turns out, the presentation of the cheque was covered by the Windsor Star.  The article provides more information about the church and the Museum.
The presentation of our cheque to(L-R)  Carmen Carter, Terrence Kennedy, Lana Talbot, and Annette Shaad.
We encourage you and others to make a donation to this worthwhile and historically significant cause. Donations can be made either by mailing a cheque to the Sandwich First Baptist Church, 3652 Peter St., Windsor ON N9C 1J7 or, electronically via an e-transfer at  For more information you can reach Lana Talbot at 519.252.4917

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March 9, 2023
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