Mea Culpa or Politics?

April 22, 2021

WDLC President – Brian Hogan’s response to Doug Ford’s April 22, 2021 press conference.

Premier Ford,

I am the President of the Windsor & District Labour Council. As I listened to your press conference today, I felt compelled to write to you. I was thinking about all the sadness in our region, especially in LTCs and at farms. I was also thinking about the marginalized here and across the province. Finally, I was thinking about so many workers affected by your inactions, as we near the National Day of Mourning.

During the Pandemic, from my vantage point and many others in the Windsor-Essex region, you have proven you are NOT “For The People” as your campaign slogan promised, BUT today it was clear you do want to get Re-elected.

You said “we” made mistakes.
You said “we” are sorry.
You said “we” moved too fast.
You announced no real policy actions today.
Why this press conference?

1) There seems to be no real “we” when Ontario Covid decisions are made. The science table made up of experts seems to be often ignored. The chair recently considered stepping down. So… only one person continues to make mistakes, causing deaths and illnesses.

2) Who is sorry about what? You didn’t give a clear answer today. Are “You” sorry about our heart wrenching LTC situation, including not improving conditions post wave one, or cutting inspections upon being elected? Are you sorry for ignoring advice you received from the science table 2 months ago, about prioritizing hot spots in the vaccination rollout? Are you sorry that people continue to get sick and spread COVID because you refuse to implement paid sick days as advised by numerous experts?

3) How did “We” move too fast? In fact “You” continue to move too slowly, and ineffectively, with months of half measures that only lead us out to the inevitable worst-case scenario. Experts were warning you in February that more action was needed in order to minimize the impact of wave 3. You recently implemented actions in three consecutive weeks, one time ramping up changes only days after announcing the previous plans. Countless medical experts believe the current plan is not sufficient to really slow the scary trends.

4) Besides political-speak, there were no clear announcements around policy to help Ontarians. You did say there is something in the works about a sick leave plan. For months, you have stated that the Federal Recovery Sickness Benefit was an effective program for Ontarians. Yet today you stated that the Federal plan has flaws. Why today? As you know, the Federal Plan is not a true sick day plan; they are not apples and apples. You have refused to listen to medical experts and community activists. You have placed ideological partisan politics ahead of saving lives. It actually started years ago. Upon your government’s election, you cancelled the Wynne government’s sick leave policy.

5) Why did you hold this press conference? Was it merely to apologize for “Your” Playgrounds and Police powers debacle? Countless Ontarians scratched their heads with those two lockdown announcements. How many medical experts have been talking for months about youngsters getting outdoor exercise? Has ANYONE been talking about police getting involved? As you know, thirty police departments stated they would not take part.

How can Ontarians believe and trust that you are really looking out for them and their families?
I and many others hope you will begin to care more about Ontarians rather than worrying about getting Re-elected.


Brian Hogan
Windsor & District Labour Council

cc Percy Hatfield MPP
Liza Gretzky MPP
Taras Natyshak MPP
Rick Nicholls MPP

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