Ford’s Measly Sick Day Announcement

April 28, 2021

Ford’s measly sick day announcement & not taking any blame on LTC travesty

“We will have the best paid sick leave plan in North America, bar none” That is a Trumpian bravado remark. However, it was not Mr. Trump. It was Doug Ford at his recent press conference trying to bolster the polls and save his job. In other words, the comments were not about us Ontarians; it never is with Ford.

So, yesterday, a 3 paid sick day announcement. 407 DAYS SINCE PANDEMIC BEGAN, and Ontarians get  a too little, too late plan. 

After 8,000 plus deaths, 450,00 cases, and countless workplace COVID outbreaks, Ontarians get this.

Medical experts, including his science table, have been calling for a comprehensive plan.

Why doesn’t Ford listen to medical experts? Easy answer; re-election means listening to Big Business (including developers), who are also his donors. Oh ya, he recently raised the amount on political donations.  

The disheartening sick day announcement occurred on Day of Mourning. Day of Mourning is always a somber day, but more so this year with so many workers and Ontarians dying because of Ford’s improper actions or inactions.

Adding insult to injury, yesterday, the auditor general’s report on Long Term care travesty laid a lot of the blame on the Ford government. And true to form, the government had the audacity to state that they are NOT to blame.

I guess it is never Ford’s fault. By the way, here are just two examples of superior North American sick day plans: workers in the state of New York have 14 paid sick days during a pandemic. Colorado has 6 “regular” paid sick days PLUS additional days in a public health emergency. 

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